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Rules & Regulations of the Race

1. NIO Blindfolded Global Run will be a one-day event starting on 19th July 2020 05:00 hrs and ending on the same day at 23:00 hrs.
2. Runners can run Indoors, on a treadmill, on their terrace, balconies, outdoors and follow the rules and regulations given by the state and central government.
3. Runners with the partner is Mandatory. A distance of 1KM, 3KM,5KM, 10KM, 21KM, and 42KM.
4. Runners can record their run using a mobile phone with apps like Strava, Garmin, Nike Run Club, Map my Run, etc, and can also send the screenshots.
5. Run data to be submitted through a google form which you will receive soon.
6. Run data can be submitted from 19th July 00:00 hrs to 21st July 12:00 hrs post that no more run data will be accepted.
7. Runners will receive the certificate mentioning the actual distance covered by them.
Please ensure that you are running the distance chosen by you.
8. If you are running a lesser distance, than the chosen distance, your name will not appear in the leaderboard (A buffer of 0.5 Km will be considered)
9. Make Sure to run with your partner, one partner must be completely blindfolded.

How can you join the effort


Here is how you can help us:

• Last year Dr. Aditya Kelkar, Dr. Jai Kelkar and their team performed 700 free eye surgries for patients below povertyline. You or your company can help in this effort.
•Educate yourself about Avoidable blindness.
• Inform your friends and family about Avoidable Blindness.
• At your place of work:
• Help put up the posters in your organization
• Help conduct eye check up and education setup in your organization.
• Tell your coworkers about the benefits of running, we can come to your organization to conduct a training session about running.
• Get your CEO to run with the visually impaired student and discover they are perfectly normal and can be employed with the company in future.
• Costs of such programs are huge and can only be covered by sponsors like you.
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Frequently asked questions

Blindfolded buddy run:
This is a special run where two buddies (friends) register together. The first friend runs half the distance blind folded. At turn around point participants exchange the blindfold and run back.
• Registration is for 2 friends, better to run with a friend you know and trust.
• Best if you get 2 blind folds from home. After the first person uses the blind fold it gets too sweaty and may be uncomfortable for your partner to reuse. Also practice with your own blindfold, wash and then use it during run. a new unwashed cloth may not work for you when you try for first time.
• The distance you both choose can be 3Km, 5Km, 10Km, 15Km or Half Marathon. Distance depends on your and partner’s ability. Each partner is supposed to run half of the distance blind folded.
• There are no winners or losers in this category.
• Both participants get individual distance and timing certificate and finisher's medal.
• The idea behind this race is to understand the importance of site in our day to day life.
• If you get uncomfortable at any point. Then do not hesitate to pause take a break and when better then only resume. It is not easy to remain blind folded for long time.
• All runners in this category start with the other regular runners.
• This is largest such race anywhere in India 

Run with the visually impaired:

This is a special race; the participants hold the hand of the visually impaired runner. This race starts at 9:00 AM after most of other races are done. We request CEOs and hiring managers in various companies to come and run with the visually impaired. We hope these managers will discover that the visually impaired can be given a employed in their company. And we will realize that the visually impaired runners are just like normal employees. There are no obligations, this is an educational experience.
This category is by invitation only.