NIO Explore Pune Race

26 Oct 2019

  1. Registration fee - Rs.150 per person (with early registration discount)
  2. Route Support - Carry your water, first aid and repair kits. 
  3. Winners - First, Second and Third team gets trophy!
  4. Decide your team name
  5. All team members must be present every clue destination 
  6. You must wear reflective jackets, helmets.
  7. Raincoat or clothes that can interfere with cycling should be avoided.
  8. We do not tell you the route, you decide the route yourself.
  9. You are expected to fix puncture, bike failure.
  10. Avoid water puddles, there can be a open drain or big pothole under it!

NIO Explore Pune Race is a race to raise the awareness about avoidable blindness. As a participant you are required to know 

1. What percentage of blindness is caused by reasons that can be largely avoided? ( avoidable blindness) 

2. What should everyone do to avoid blindness?

As part of this campaign Dr. Aditya Kelkar, Dr. Jai Kelkar and their team of doctors performed 700 free eye surguries for patients below poverty line.

NIO Explore Pune 

You participate as a team of 3 cyclists/runners. Your team will be flagged off from near Deccan Gymkhana, Pune at 6:00 AM. You will be given a clue. Your team will use the clue to reach your destination, where you will get the next clue. you have to cover as many clues as possible before 9:00 AM. Before 9AM you must enter the designated gate. Every clue is worth 5 points. You will be required to cycle around 50 Km and run/walk for about 5 Km as part of the race. It will be raining and you will have to protect you mobile and the clues. 

Team Race

You must participate as a team of 3. Team should include at least 1 female and 1 male member. All boys/girls team can participate, but they are non-competitive team.

Starting Point

Starting Point will be near Deccan, Pune. Participants will be informed on the previous day.

Decide your Team Name


You can use your smart phone to find the clues (it may be raining).
You can call your friends on phone.
No vehicle support on road is allowed. Cannot  change your bicycle in between.

Questions? Call Nikhil 8275203700 / 9595344500